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Where should you spend your summer vacation?

Where should you spend your summer vacation?

Take this fun personality quiz to find out where your summer should be spent!

1. At school you like to:
be around my friends passing notes throwing paper airplanes laughing and talking
I like to go outside in the schools park and soak in the sun
I want to go swimming in the underground pool
I like to flirt with guys go to dance class and laugh with my friends

2. What song are you listening to?
California girls -Katy Perry
Young wild and free -Bruno mars and snoop dog
Hey there Delilah -Plain White tees
The motto -Drake

3. What kind of outfit would you wear?
mini skirt tank top and flip flops
Cargo pants and white tee shirt
Shorts and tank top
Bathing suit and cover up

4. What is your fav show?
American Idol
Jersey Shore
Man vs wild
Bucket and skinner

5. Who is your celeb crush? *If you don't know a name look it up on google images*
Boys: Brooklyn Decker Girls: Chris Zylka
Boys: Selena Gomez Girls: Cody Simpson
Boys: Debbie Ryan Girls: Cole Sprouse
Boys: Fergie Girls: Chris Brown

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