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What will your summer be like?

What will your summer be like?

This is what we are hoping our summer hosting will look like!

1. So you and your buds are at a ice cream parlor. What do you get?
Plain vanilla
Rainbow sherbet
No ice cream for me! I want hot chocolate!

2. If you won a million bucks, how would you spend it?
I don't know, buy some things the family need maybe get a book or two.
Clothes, movies, books, vacation trip, etc
I'd take me and my friends skydiving, then snowboarding, then surfing, and then etc.
Probably buy my own ninja monkey! (you do know that there are no such thing as ninja monkeys) Shut up let me dream!

3. What kind of music do listen to on a typical day?
Some pop and rock
Country, rock, rap, etc
Dance, dubstep, pop, rock
Christmas carols! :D

4. Which pattern do you like more?
Tye Dye
Swirls and Zigzags
Little animal prints!

5. Which club or team would you like to join?
Book Club or Chess team
Baseball team
Dance class
Samurai training! (me: really? really?!) you:la la la! cant hear you!

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