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What wild cat are you?

What wild cat are you?

Ok so this quiz to me forever to do, so i hope you like it. And there is a twist result that you might get and i personally think it is funny. Enjoy =^.^=

1. If you were to live in any of these places, which would it be?
The mountains of Asia.
Grasslands and mangrove swamps.
Eastern and southern Africa.
Africa and the Middle East.
Southern US, Mexico, Central America.
Europe and Asia, North America.
South Africa.
Sub-Saharan Africa
Canada, US, Mexico, South America.
Himalayan foothills, southeast Asia, China
Anywhere my owner is.

2. Which color fur would you like to have?
Smoky gray
Reddish orange
Tan with black spots
Tawny yellow, Reddish brown, black
Medium brown, beige-white.
Cinnamon-buff, tawny.
Tawny, silvery-gray, reddish.
Dark grey.
Any color! From black to brown, red, yellow and white! All of them!

3. What kind of prey would you like to kill?
Wild goats and sheep, depending on the season.
Medium sized animals (sloth bears, pythons, crocodiles).
Large mammals (zebra, wildebeest, buffalo).
Gazelle, guineafowl, hares.
Deer, Capybaras, monkeys, anacondas.
Deer, snowshoe hares, squirrels.
Rodents, birds, Cape hares.
Rodents, reptiles, amphibians.
Mule deer, white tailed deer, Elk.
Civets, birds, domestic livestock.
Birds, rodents, insects, cat food.

4. How long do you want to live?
15-18 years
20-26 years
10-14 years
10-15 years
12-15 years
26-27 years
10 years
16-18 years
18-20 years
11 years
13-14 years

5. What color eyes would you want to have?
Pale green or gray.
Black or brown.
Golden reddish brown.
Light blue
Cinnamon-buff tawny
Yellow, greenish-golden.
Gray, light brown.
Any color, blue green, gray, brown, yellow.

6. When do you hunt?
Dawn and Dusk.
Night, daylight hours.
After dusk.
Early morning and late evening, when it is not so hot out.
Night, i'm nocturnal.
Sunset, sunrise, night.
When i'm hungry.
When i'm not napping.

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