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What should your part time job be?

What should your part time job be?

Take this quiz to find out what your part time job should be...

1. Which one of these things would you want to do sometime soon?
Sing in the car with the windows rolled down.
Do extra homework for fun.
Take care of your mom's friend's baby.
Sit in your favorite chair for five hours straight without getting off.

2. After school, you can be found at.....
Up on stage singing at a local coffee shop,its your only chance to express your musical talent.
In the library typing up your English essay 2 weeks before its due,you just love typing essays.
The park with your little brother and his friends,someone's gotta watch em.
Home,sleeping on your bed,that's what a bed's for,right??

3. Your best friend who knows you better than anyone in the whole entire world gets you a gift that you love and have totally wanted for months. What is it?
A new microphone
The sequel to your favorite book of all time
A baby monitor so you can know when your baby sister is crying to go soothe her
A comfy pillow

4. In a perfect world,____________________________________.
You would sell millions of CDs,all of them filled with songs sung by you.
You would own a library filled with all the books ever published in the entire world.
You would get to donate money to the children's hospital.
You would get to sleep on a king sized water bed all day long.

5. If you looked into your future,you would be....
Singing on stage in front of millions of screaming fans.
Receiving an award from the president for academic excellence.
Taking care of sweet little children.
Sleeping on a bed.

6. If you were to get praised by someone, you'd want it to be....
A music producer.
The president of the united sates, who fyi is probably 10 times dumber than you.
An adult who has loads of trust in you.
Nobody, you don't need praising, you already have a bed that loves you.

7. Which one of these answer choices would you most likely say?
"My name's _____ and I'm going to sing you a little song I wrote."
"The square root of 7,659 is ___."
"Joshua sweetie,let's go bake some cookies for when your mom gets back from work,okay?"
"I don't want to have to get off of my chair."

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