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What kind of fox are you?

What kind of fox are you?

Foxes are beautiful, adaptable animals. What species are you?

1. wich color group strikes your fancy more?
a little red, some grey, black and a little silver
red, white and black.
pale yellow. like sand!
white,white,white! Like snow, and marshmallows, and paper...

2. what season do you like more?
Spring!!! I like bouncing around, and smelling the fresh smells, and seeing all the new plants! *sigh*... it's wonderful.
summer! Hot weather. ya. I love it! if it gets too hot, just jump in water. It's ideal.
fall is so me! not too hot, not too cold, PERFECT! I'm perfect too!
winter. so cold. and white... white like snow, and marshmallows, and paper...

3. do you like swimming?
dude? I practically LIVE in water.
of course! I just don't like swimming ALL the time.
Water??? Hmmm... sounds Interesting. tell me more about this, water of wich you speak.
Brrrr! no way! water is too cold. ugh and it would get my nice long fur wet too!

4. If you got the chance to move somewhere, where would you move?
Canada!!! maple leaves, perfect seasons all year round, I love it!
USA!!! they have soooo many stars on their flag. they MUST be special.
the desert. like Egypt, or the Kalahari... somewhere sandy!
ant-arctica! white!!! like snow and marshmallows and paper... am I annoying you?

5. do you think you're pretty\handsome?
Some people say I am. so I agree.
I don't need to answer that. Everyone already tells me that I am!
they say my ears are too big..... :(
IDK. I don't pay attention to all of what people say. I only pay attention to my beautiful fur.

6. How big are you?
I'm short with an athletic body type.
I'm tall with an athletic body type.
I'm really short and really skinny.
I'm medium size and people SAY I'm fat. I'm not!!! It's my fur!!!

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