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What is Your Study Style?

What is Your Study Style?

Are you a cubicle hermit or a scholarly social butterfly? Do you work alone, or prefer to share? Take this quiz to find your study style, and wear your badge with pride!

1. What is your preferred study space?
At a carrel, staking out my territory
At a large table, with plenty of room to spread out
In a comfy chair, focusing on...zzzzz
In the cafe, getting a caffeine-assisted attention boost

2. What are your essential study materials?
My computer and whatever books or articles I'm working on
My laptop, my phone, my iPod, my wallet...what else?
A computer or at least a notebook, to scribble down my ideas as they come!
Eh, I just bring my whole backpack. Who knows what I'll need?

3. What is your preferred noise level?
Some chatter around me...I need to know that there hasn't been a zombie attack while I was studying
Silence, or as close as possible. Maybe my own music, but no one else's!
The happy din of a lively discussion
Who cares? I've got my headphones in all the time, anyway

4. When do you prefer to study?
When I really, really have, do I really?
When there are others available and around to talk with!
When it's quiet and I can focus best...early hours or late nights
In between classes, during my lunch break, after practice, whenever I can find the time!

5. When you're working on a tough assignment, you....
Hunker down and bear through it, no matter what
See if anyone else is wrestling with the same project; maybe we can talk it out
Start strong, but then remember that I have that response paper I can dash off and then there's that short reading, and then...
Play Angry Birds for a while to de-stress, then maybe check my phone, then write a topic sentence...and call it a day

6. Your WORST academic nightmare is....
Being the only person in the group who doesn't know the answer
Forgetting that an assignment is due. That day. In fifteen minutes.
Messing up on an assignment in every class...all in one week
Losing my phone. What? I've got all my best study music on there!

7. What's your preferred study medium?
Print. I need to scribble all over it!
Online. I need the info now!
A mixture, it depends on what I'm doing
I don't really care

8. If you were to chart out all of your assignments for the semester, you would feel...
Completely overwhelmed
Kind of exhilarated
Why on earth would I do that?

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