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What Season Do You Look Best In?

What Season Do You Look Best In?

Find out what season makes you shine! Are you a chilly winter, a light spring, a vibrant summer, or a quiet autumn? Take the quiz now!

1. You feel a chill as you step out the door, so you reach for a jacket. The jacket you're wearing is a...
It's an Aeropostale hoodie; I don't like big coats.
It's a sophisticated JouJou trench coat, and I quickly put on a scarf underneath it.
A cute light jacket with a glossy/waterproof exterior, in one of my favorite colors of course!
Maybe a classic knit zip-up with a few fur accents.

2. What is your favorite type of pants?
Just a nice pair of dark-wash jeans from Gap.
No pants; skirts! Cute ones with lacy fringe and vibrant patterns.
Track shorts with a sporty hem; I like to be able to move!
Maybe a classy pair of black jeans, or warm, cable-knit leggings.

3. You and some friends are going to a park in June. What does your outfit look like?
Shorts and a T-shirt. Nothing too fancy, but super comfortable!
Tight, plaid shorts that hem just above my knee, with a dark coordinating tanktop.
Jean capris, and a light blouse; you finish it off with a lacy shrug.
Mini skirt with an embroidered scoop-neck top.

4. Shoes?
Maybe a pair of white flats? I'm not picky.
Vintage high-heeled boots to go with my shimmery scarf.
Uggs? The kind with the buckle are really nice...

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