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What Musical Instrument Are You Most Like?

What Musical Instrument Are You Most Like?

Okay guys, here we go! This one's for boys and girls, both. :)

1. Your favorite type of music: (you know I had to ask this)
Anything with a good beat
All types of rock

2. You're faced with a really tough decision--what do you do?
Listen to my heart
Consult somone really close to me--a family member or friend
Think it through and consider all the pros and cons of each side
Choose the opposite of what everyone's been advising
It's not hard, really, I know what feels right

3. What sort of thing on a book cover would catch your eye? (If you don't like to read, just pretend)
The bright colors
An interesting title
The author--I have a few favorites
A weird illustration
A photograph of something I'm interested in

4. Favorite place to go swimming: (random, I know, but hey, it's summer!)
A pond--it's serene and peaceful
My best friend's pool
The lake
A public pool where I'll probably make some new friends
The ocean. If you can get out past the breaking waves, it's perfect.

5. What do you look for in a realationship? (a romantic one)
Someone to really care about me
A potentional spouse (me: it's a teensy bit early for that...)
A good kisser. ;) Just kidding.
Emotional support

6. What do your shoelaces look like? (This is actually really important)
The left foot's one color, and the right another. :)
N/A--I wear boots.
They're just normal, I guess. That's how they came.
It depends on my mood
Shoelaces? On heels? (Sorry 'bout that, boys!)

7. Imagine your favorite possession... Which of these best describes it?
Totally portable and cute
Big and shiny
This is weird... (me: I'm not taking offense, 'cos I am kinda weird)

8. Now about that possession... Would you ever consider loaning to a good friend?
No. Freaking. Way!
Depends on whether or not I can trust them
Probably. :)
Heck, yeah! My friends and I always share
I'll have to sleep on it (the decision, not the item LOL)

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