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What Disney Song Fits you Best?

I must be having this Disney thing going on or something hmmm...

1. You walk into Starbucks and someone tells you that you're the 100th visiter that day, and you win free coffee for a week!
oh yes i new something great was going to happen to me today!
i deserve this!
yes, and they thought I couldn't get anything good because of my bad luck boyfriend/girlfriend
and they said I was worthless, haha point for me!

2. Somebody atractive askes you out...
this happened last night in a dream...
he/she must see how great I am!
sorry, i'm taken
is this a trick?
FINALLY I knew I had someone coming for me

3. ok, when I say Brownie you think of...?
a pleasant dessert
what I deserve
my sweet but nutty boy/girl
tasty thing that I eat at lunch...sitting alone... :(
i like brunettes

4. When you go school shopping the first thing on your list is...?
a notebook to write all my dreams and wishes in
some buttons, already starting on my campain for student body president
the book my bookworm boy/girl recomended
a sheild, maybe or some comebacks for all the meanies
some new cologne/perfume

5. What do you want to do for a career?
maybe I'll write teen novels, or be a physcyatrist
a CEO or somehing even greater
well maybe something unique
something that will make everyone see the real me
something that'll impress him/her

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