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What Color Best Fits You?

What Color Best Suits Your Personality?

1. You describe yourself as...?
Out-going, wild, and like to have a good time. You're the one that goes to ALL the parties.
Reserved and shy but still friendly. You tend to be the listener in most conversations.
Funny, like to make people laugh, and make people smile. You're the one people go to when they're having a bad day.
Popular, pretty, and high-class. You set trends and are a very good leader.
Calm and laid-back. You don't take things too seriously.
A little bit of each of these.

2. What type of music do you like/listen to the most?
Pop or anything that is current and popular on the charts.
Dance music, or high-energy, up beat...something like techno.
Soft rock, classic rock, anything rock...
Anything that will lighten the mood or something inspiring.
Something calm like classical musical or anything relaxing.
I listen to pretty much everything.

3. How many friends do you have?
A few close friends.
I'm friends with pretty much everyone because I'm popular.
I have my own circle of friends. Probably 5 maybe 6.
I have one close friend.
Anyone that shows up at the club or the parties is my friend.

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