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What Avenger Would You Date?

What Avenger Would You Date?

Yep, that classic question. There will be the five Avenger men here, but there are some other surprises, too. Check out all the results to see who I added.

1. What kind of hair do you want your man to have?
Short blonde
Long blonde
Messy brown
Messy black
Very short brown
Neat black
Almost none
I don't care

2. Do you want your man to have manners?
He is the very picture of chivalry.
Yes, just the normal amount.
Hmmm, does charisma count?
No one is his master, and he makes sure that they know it. So, no, not really.
They're a little unusual, but he does have them.
Actually he's too much of the sassy type to have any.
Nope. I'm not even going to pretend.
Usually, he's very polite, especially to his boss. But certain people really tick him off.
Yes, he does. Although the bad boys *are* charming. Ugh, I don't know!

3. Does he party, and if he does, what kind of partying style does he have?
I can truthfully say that partying is his life. Literally.
Well, he loves alcohol, and most parties have that. Yes then?
Ahahaha! My guy, partying? The mental image! Definitely no.
Parties? Yep, he loves 'em.
He's not really the partying type. He's too serious for that kind of thing.
Normal...? What other kind...?
No. Just no. Although he often *is* at parties, keeping people in line.
I drag him to parties, but mid-way through the evening I find him engrossed in a book in the corner.
He likes to hang out with people, but I don't know about partying. It's just too coarse for him.

4. What is your man's normal mood/attitude/whatever?
Err, I hate to say this, but... clueless.
Some say sour, but I say serious.
Generally pleasant.
Frustrated, but he has reason to be.
Polite and gentlemanly (if that's a word).

5. What's your man flaw? Come on, out with it!
Terrible at displaying emotions
Quick to anger
Flaw? Uh...

6. What did you first notice about your man?
I didn't really notice anything; I was too distracted by this vague humming noise.
He had only one eye. Duh!
He couldn't really hold a conversation with me. He seemed excessively nervous.
He acted like he was desperate to get together with me--which I guess he was.
His green eyes! *Faint*
He seemed lost and confused--almost as if someone he loved had just died or something.
He was so happy. There's no other way to describe it.
He was totally misunderstood! It was like people didn't see who they were really interacting with!
He was handsome.

7. Is your man popular?
Ah, *no*.
Not really. It's more of a fear than a liking.
Are you kidding me? Everyone loves him!
Didn't you hear me before? He's misunderstood!
He can be semi-frustrating at times, but usually yes.
Somewhat. Some people say he's uptight. He doesn't really like the attention anyway.
People just treat him like an average citizen.
He *tries* to be popular with the ladies, but he really fails at it.
No, but that's kind of his fault.

8. What strange addiction does your man have?
Tasering people
Calling ordinary objects by weird names
Ordering people around
Throwing things

9. Your man and you are dating. He wants to kiss you, you can tell. What does he do?
Kiss my hand gently.
Go full blown: grab the back of my neck, lean in close, and plant one right on my lips.
Ask politely.
Grin a goofy smile and muster up enough courage to sneak a quick kiss to your lips.
Walk up to you confidently and kiss you proudly.
Kiss you, of course!
Shuffle nervously, sneak a look up to your face once or twice, and pray that you will make the first move.
Wait quietly, and when he feels the moment is right, sneaks up and starts kissing you before you can blink.
Raise his eyebrow and give you one of his little half-smiles.

10. Okay, your man has finally decided to propose. How does he do it?
Looks at you mid-battle after tasering a guy and hands you a note of proposal.
Carries the ring around in his pocket for weeks until you confront him about the rumors you heard.
"You will marry me, correct?" he asks calmly.
Swaggers up to you with some flowers and says, "Hey, babe. Will ya marry me?"
Does it right: gets down on one knee, pulls out a ring box, asks politely, etc.
Asks you on a date one night.
Sidles up to you and asks with a smile that shows he already knows what you answer.
Calls you a fair maiden and wins your heart with many fancy words.
Mentions in the middle of an otherwise normal conversation: "And what do you think of these flowers for our wedding?"

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