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RAWR! What Dinosaur are You?

RAWR! What Dinosaur are You?

RAWR! Mean I love you in Dinosaur 。◕ ‿ ◕。 Are you a Carnivorous Dino like the T-Rex! Or a Water Lover like a Liopleurodon?

1. Where would you LOVE to live?
Anywhere with NUMMY FOOD!!!
In a nice comfy forest =3
In the SKY!!!! WOOT!!!
In the Ocean! It would be so awesome!!!! 8D

2. What sounds most nummy to you?
A Salad!!! Num! ^o^
NOM NOM! Some meat!!!
Some lovely fish *drools*
Some snack foods! 8D

3. What's something you would LOVE to change about yourself?
To breathe underwater!!!! *.* That would be GREAT!
To be able to fly! Just like a bird =)
To be able to eat as much as I like and never get fat! -w-
RAWR! I wanna be a Monster with big teeth!!! 8D

4. How would you find food?
I would hunt from the sky baby!
I would be a lone hunter, and would hunt prey smaller then me ^o^
I would hunt alone!!! RAWR >=D
I would stay with other Dinosaurs like me! Like in a Herd.

5. Final Question! What Dino was the bestest!
The Stegosauraus!!! So big but peaceful! ^o^
The Pteranodon! The biggest flyer in the skies *.*
The Liopleurodon! So big and sleek!
The T-REX!!! RAWR!!! 8D

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