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Psychological Personality Tests

Psychological Personality Tests

Please pick on answer for each following items:

1. How would you describe the color of the sea?
dark blue     clear     green     murky

2. Which part of a mountain would you like to be at?

3. What shape do you like the most?
circle     square     triangle

4. From question#3, how big would you like this object to be?
very small     small     medium     big     very big

5. From question#3, what material should it be made of?
wood     glass     diamond     metal

6. Picture a horse in your mind. What color is it?
brown     black     white

7. You are walking along a corridor and you see two doors. One is on your immediate left five paces away, and the other is at the end of the corridor. Both doors are open.

You find a key on the floor right in front of you. Would you pick it up?
yes     no

8. A storm is coming. Which would you choose?
a car     a house

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