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Predict Your Future Married Life

Predict Your Married Life

Predict Your Married Life from below personality test. Just take this test for fun, okay?

1. If you had to endure one of the following scenarios for a whole week, which would you pick? please
An extremely frightening nightmare that you can't escape from.
Being sleep deprived.

2. If you had to choose between the following two men to spend the rest of your life with, which would it be?
A 20 feet tall macho superhero.
A cute little angel just three inches tall.

3. Your DVD player is malfunctioning. Which one will you pick?
It plays only in fast forward.
It plays only in slow mode.

4. If your spouse asked you to take one of these pills, which one would you pick?
A pill that makes you fart non-stop.
A pill that makes your nose run continuously.

5. Which of these weird sports would you choose to play if you had to?
Surfing among hazardous rocks

6. What are you more likely to do when you've had a long day?
Call for "One Big Mac, a large french-fries and a medium-size coke" at a bus ticket stall.
Order "Three tickets to Hawaii" at McDonalds.

7. If you were condemned to become half-animal and half-human, which of the following would you choose to have?
The face of a chimp and the body of Super Model.
The face of Miss Universe and the body of a penguin.

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