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Jealousy Test

Jealousy Test

Select the answer that most appeals to you. Don't think about this too much, just answer!

1. Two girlfriends have a night out dancing. The first girl has guys lined up asking her to dance. The second girl is left sitting on her own, ignored. When you observe this situation, what do you think?
The first girl should suggest that one of her dance partners dances with her friend.
The second girl is too shy - she should be more confident and just get up and dance on her own.
The first girl is simply more popular among guys than the second girl. It's no big deal.

2. A male relative of yours has just graduated from the most prestigious university in the country. What do you think about this?
He must be incredibly smart. You hope that one day you'll meet a guy this smart to marry.
Your boyfriend is just as smart.
Who cares? All universities are the same.

3. You head out to buy milk from your local corner store. Which row would you choose a carton from?
The upper row.
The middle row.
Not sure

4. You meet a couple on their honeymoon. You can see that the wife looks attractive, but you can't see her husband in the bad light. How good-looking do you think he might be?
Reasonably good-looking.

5. Your close friend is a fashion victim and often the trendy clothes she wears just don't suit her. On a day when she's wearing something that's particularly unattractive, she asks you whether she looks good or not. What would you say?
Your clothes look good. I like them.
That new style? I'm certainly not brave enough to wear it.
You look okay, but not as good as you looked yesterday.

6. Your family is having dinner at a seafood restaurant and has ordered a whole fish. You're the first person to take a piece. Which part would you choose?
The head.
A piece of the body.
A part close to the tail.

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