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How deep is your love?

How deep is your love?

Read the following statements and check the items that happen to you.

You think of him when you wake up every morning.
Before going to bed, you think of what happened between you and him that day.
You often dream about him.
On the way to school, he usually joins you.
Before class, you often meet and have a little chat with him.
You feel like you are being watched when he's in sight.
He joins you for lunch.
After school, he waits to leave with you.
He calls you during weekends and school holidays.
He wishes to meet your parents.
You get presents from him on your birthday, Christmas and even St Valentine's day.
He knows about your favorite food, color, hide-away place and many other things.
You can spend hours with him on the phone.
He looks deep into your eyes and it makes you feel like flying.
Your parents like him.
Your friends think that he's good for you.
You've fought with him just because he talked to another girl.
It's easy for him to say sorry when he makes a mistake.
He has been around for quite a while, perhaps almost a year now.
You think you like him a lot.
It's sad to imagine life without him.
He's different from any other guys you have dated before.
He's almost perfect. His flaws are acceptable.
You hope that this quiz will tell whether he's also in love with you.
You would feel sad if this quiz said that he doesn't really care about you.
All of the above are things on your mind.
Your best friend knows that you like him a lot.
You collect tiny things like movie tickets that remind you of the things you do with him.
You wish to be his bride one day.
You talk about your future together.

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