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How cold are you?

How cold are you?

Are you cold-hearted? Or do you warm up other people's icy insides? This quiz will stick a thermometer straight into your heart (Ouch!), and check how cold the temperature's getting in there.

1. You got an friend that calls for you for help what do you do?
Well i help its an friend of mine right?
Depends on what help is needed
Tchh...they'll be fine on their own

2. Okay So you see someone getting beat up what do you do?
Wait a while seeing if to help or not
Not your problem so ignore it all
Help without any second guess, someone is in trouble so be noble one and give an kind hand

3. You get in a fight with your other half and they storm off as if having the last straw threatening to leave you now
Let the other half leave and you can always find someone to replace
Hesitate and think about whats best for both of you
immediately rush over to try to patch things and make things right between you again

4. Would you put others before yourself?
sometimes maybe
Nope i come first and only first
Yes i do put others first

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