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Are you a devil or an angel?

Are you a devil or an angel?

Are you more of an angel or a devil. Take our fun quiz and we will tell you if you are more angel or devil.

Some one you hate just fell down the stairs and hit their face, you...
Stand there laughing at them. Hey if it were you who fell they'd be the ones laughing. So HA.
Put your hand over you mouth as you stand there laughing to your self. Hey there's nothing wrong with that.
Smile evil and bring your leg back to your side. What are you talking about I never did that. Walk away silently.
"OMG OMG OMG..... are you alright...." Like, are you alright....

You die where do you want to go...?
Well I did want to go to hell but the devils afraid Id take over. So yeah. I dont know
Um... I don't think either places will let me in....ohhhhh.....*Pouts*

Fav color
White it's pretty... *tap tap*... white isn't a color... "DO I CARE?"
BLACK BLAKC BLACK oh did I say black
Red d'uh... what else...?
I like pink

What wouldn't you be cought dead saying
Oh pink it's such a cute color I just love it to pieces....
Oh look I have a tail, can it change for a halo.... halo's look nicer... and less... dirty...
I wanna die cause then then.... then I get to see all the pretty clouds in heaven... *Dances around*
Mommy I'm going to hell

What do you think a crossbreed is....
*Poke*It's you isn't it....
*POKE*It's you isn't it....
Me I am that's all I have to say.... oh and you.... I guess that wasn't alll I had to say....MEH
Crossbreed souds tasty can I eat it? What it's not a food...? Then what is it...?

Linkin Park Good or bad
You'd hurt me if I said no... .wouldn't you?
GOODDDDDDDDDDDDD...... *Bows before linkin park*
I don't really like them that much... I like Britney Spears....

Who's your best friend
An angel.... she/he's the only angel I'll ever talk to....
A devil..... she/ he are like my little sister/brother.....
An angel and a devil.... met them long ago and thought they were pretty cool....
I LIKE BUNNIES *Giggles*.... wait... yeah... no... YEAH I LIKE BUNNIES.

What do you find your self saying...
I'm bored got any devils food cake... I heard it was real good...
I'm bored what's there to do up here on this cloud.... anything?
*Knock knock* Am I aloud in yet....PLEASE I'LL BE GOOD... OR BAD... PLEAAAAAASSSSEEE!!!!
I like pivk and bunnies... AHHHHHHHHHHHH I love PINK BUNNIES CUTE

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