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Are You Ready for School?

Are You Ready for School?

I made this quiz for all those kids who are worried about going back to school. I hope this helps someone out there :D

1. have you gotten your school supplies already?
yep! got 'em weeks ago?
i got some of them, like half... give or take a few things...
wait! hold the phone! we need supplies to go back to school?!?!

2. Are you nervous about going back?
yeah! i'm really nervous!
sorta yes sorta no...
nope! i'm super xited!

3. have you been to your school before? (like are u starting at a new school?)
no... :(
not very long
yep ive been here my whole life!

4. do u want summer to end?
kinda. im getting bored and wanna c my friends again but ill miss the staying home and being lazy :D
no!!!! summer should last foreva!
yes! i lovve school!

5. How good are you at making friends?
really good! im a people person! i have a ton of friends but always want more!
im ok, i mean i don't have a TON of friends but i have more than 1 or 2
no, i'm kinda a loner with 1 or 2 friends

6. do u try hard in school?
yes! i work really hard to get the good grades i deserve! (me: good 4 u!)
depends on the subject...
not really... who cares if i get an F... it's just another letter.

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