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Are You Nosy?

Are You Nosy?

Select the answer that most appeals to you. Don't think about this too much, just answer!

1. In a classroom, a female student turns around and says to a male student, "Okay. Sure." What do you imagine the male student said to her first?
"Wait at the same place as yesterday. I will be there at the same time, too."
"Do you want to go out with me?"
"Can you please stop talking so loudly in class?"

2. You have a vase of flowers to put on your desk. Where will you put them?
On the left
On the center
On the right

3. You see a female classmate of yours crying. What do you think has made her cry?
Some boys bullied her.
Her father scolded her.
She's just been peeling onions in her cooking class.

4. In a coffee shop, you see someone engaged in deep conversation with a woman you know, but you can only see the back of that person. Who do think "that person" might be?
Her girlfriend.
A teacher.
Her boyfriend.

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